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Long time friends, Tom Matthews of Total Collision and Jay Ouellette ofSpirit Collective, have brought their bands together for this one time show in Brattleboro’s best music venue, The Stone Church. Both bands have their roots in Reggae, but also explore into Rock, Funk, Jazz and Jam. It is sure to be a great night of music, love and dance! $10 at the door and those doors open at 7pm.

Based in Southern Vermont, Spirit Collective is a band with the idea that they, the guest musicians and the audience are all one spirit during any given moment where the energy of music is being felt.  As a band, Spirit Collective feeds of off this energy and hopes that the audience does the same.  The music is influenced by many styles including Reggae, Rock, Bluegrass, Folk and maybe some Jazz all rolled into jams that encourage eager feet.  A focal point of Spirit Collective’s music are the, often improvised, vocal tapestries woven by the band through different melodic parts and harmonies.  The electrifying ability of the band’s violin player, the harmonica playing drummer and three frontmen create a sound and energy that is apt for their name.

DJ Live! and Roosta have been working and recording with each other for over 15 years. Now they’ve put together a supergroup featuring Tom Matthew on guitar, Matt Mondell on bass, hip-hop phenom Catalyst and Jess Flanagan on vocals . They chose the name Total Collision because of the mashup of styles, colliding reggae with hip-hop and funk, and creating something completely new and original.

Roosta was born and raised in Jamaica, and brings a fire to the mic like no one else. Steeped in reggae from the start, his roots go deep. An epic freestyler and performer with his long-time band Fear Nuttin Band, his shows are legendary, and the fans are die-hard.

Live has been producing hip-hop and other styles for most of his life. He has a knack for hooks, and his DJ nights are some of the most packed clubs in Western Mass. Now he’s brought out his passion for rhythm on the drum kit, bringing an old-school reggae flavor to the modern sound of Total Collision.

Rounding out the band are Tom Matthew and Matt Mondell. Tom brings diverse musical interests to the group with his guitar, constantly steering the sound in new directions. Matt Mondell brings his incredible talent on bass with his funk and jam rock flavor to set the floor jumping and the crowd bumping. Catalyst has been rocking the stage for years and always brings the fire verses. Jess Flanagan rounds out the sound with sweet harmony vocals.

Formed in the summer of 2015, Total Collision has already played scores of shows to packed houses, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. Come out to the next Total Collision show and see what the buzz is all about!