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LUNG is a two-piece, comprised of electric cello and drums, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their sound is dark, haunting, thick, and moving. Their style defies conventional genre definitions, evoking the driving sludge of early grunge/post-rock, with layered, symphonic dark rock ballads.

Started in August 2013, with a shitty guitar, a non- existant drumset, no bass player, and two 13 year olds with no ambition. Chodus was at first a joke for the band name, but soon became offciall once Loren started getting serious about music after the passing of his older brother Nickless Nickless of Dudestew. Cycling through many different musician, Chodus is a band under constant change, in money, sound, and members.

Burlington based Sink or Swim grabs the audiance with melodic punk/hardcore & off key vocals