About Us

We are located in a renovated Victorian Gothic church in the charming, artsy, and eccentric hamlet of Brattleboro, VT. Formerly the All Souls Unitarian church, the decor expresses the culturally inclusive nature of the original congregation, mixing elements of the Renaissance, with Gothic Revival, with Celtic and Scandinavian folk designs.

Our restoration process has been, and will continue to be, a dance between creating a modern venue, and preserving the patina & soul of the 140 year old building. Whenever possible we used original materials in order to maintain the spirit of the room, and blend new features into the old. When you set foot inside we believe you’ll be transported back in time, and to a place to create your own story.

Check out our calendar for live music, and other events, or inquire about booking the church for your wedding, birthday, or corporate event. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our space with you.

Brattleboro, Vermont has long been home to many world class musicians and artists, both home grown, and transplanted. However it has also long been lacking a proper venue to support these artists, and allow them to play close to home. We hope to become that venue that artists want to play, and the show that music lovers don’t want to miss. We aim to be the circled date on the tour sheet, the reason to drive on a Tuesday night, and the cherished memory for fans and players alike.

We have breathed new life into one of the most lovely buildings in the region, by creating a modern venue in sound and comfort, while maintaining the character and beauty of the original church. We look forward to hosting you soon, and sharing in the spirit of music.